Now you can migrate previous discussions from other components into EasyDiscuss.

Kunena Migrator


Before starting the migration process, please make sure that the following steps are performed.

  • Make a BACKUP of your existing database for just in case purposes.
  • Temporarily set your website to be OFFLINE to avoid any interference during the migration process.

Step 1

Navigate to Kunena Migrator located at Components > EasyDiscuss > Migrator > Kunena.

Kunena Migrator

  • Reset User's Point
    Determine whether to reset EasyDiscuss user's point while migrating from Kunena.

Step 2

If you wish to reset the user's point on EasyDiscuss, please select Yes on the above setting. Once you're ready, click on the Run Migration Tool button to start the migration process. Please take note, the migration process might take up several minutes depending on the total numbers of discussion in Kunena.

Step 3

The migration process is complete once you see a Completed notice on the progress bar on the right.

Kunena Migrator