Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, all these are the major social platform for us to use daily. In this section, you will learn how to connect your EasyDiscuss with these social sites.

Creating Your First Wunderlist Application

Wunderlist allows EasyDiscuss to autopost discussion by requiring the user to create an application with them. By integrating them both, provides a more productive way managing the discussion on the site.

Here, we'll briefly guide you through your first Wunderlist Application and there are few steps constructed in this section:

Step 1 - Sign-In To Wunderlist

Navigate to and sign-in to your Wunderlist.

Step 2 - Creating New Wunderlist App

Start by creating your new Wunderlist Application.

Creating New Wunderlist App

Step 3 - Configuring Wunderlist App

Next, provides the required information to the Wunderlist.



Please make sure that the APP URL and AUTH CALLBACK URL are entered correctly. http:// and https:// makes a great different.

Step 4 - Retrieve Keys

Retrieve both the Client Id and Client Secret once you have finised configuring the Wunderlist App and enter it into EasyDiscuss Wunderlist Autoposting section then click save. Make sure that Wunderlist Integration is enabled.

Your Client Id and Client Secret keys should looks something like this:

Step 5 - Authorize Wunderlist

Click on Sign-in with Wunderlist button located at EasyDiscuss Wunderlist Autopost section to authorize EasyDiscuss integration with Wunderlist. You should receive a popup dialog and please click on the Authorize button.


Step 6 - Select Wunderlist List

Final step, select the desired Wunderlist list. It is only available after you have done authorizing the access.

And that's about it.