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Getting Started

Getting Started

Follow these quick steps and start building an elegant discussion site in minutes. For a more in-depth overview, watch our Crash Course video, which covers everything else you'd want to know.

A Selection of Reference Documentation

Intended to help you understand the basic principles of EasyDiscuss and building an elegant site.

EasyDiscuss Features & Integrations?

The documentation will walk you through the technical integrations to achieve your goal; whether you're integrating Facebook via Facebook integration or sharing content via auto posting or configuring antispam.

Considering Customizing EasyDiscuss?

Assorted look-up templating documentation available to aid your customization process or just using our EasyDiscuss new theme Wireframe.

Hows to ...

Save yourself some time by reading available documentation on hows to instead of requesting support from us. You'll be able to quickly fixing your site while enjoying the luxury of free time. Chills and have some chai.

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