EasyDiscuss 4.0.19


It's time to configure your EasyDiscuss on your site. We'll list all the basic EasyDiscuss configuration here.

Setting Up Reply Break For Email Parser

Reply Break identifies the end of a reply. It works just like a page break. Anything defined later than this reply break will be trimmed from the reply. It is very useful to exclude the previous replies in the emails.

EasyDiscuss Email Parser need to be working correctly before setting up Reply Break. Please refer to Setting Up Email Parser guide for further information.

Page Break Setting

Navigate to EasyDiscuss > Settings > Email Parser > Publishing Options.

Reply Break

  • Parse replies
    If enabled, replies will also be parsed and included as a reply to the main discussion post.
  • Reply Break
    Works like page break, reply break identify the end of the reply. Anything defined break will be trimmed from the reply. Useful to exclude previous replies in the email.

Sending A Reply

When sending a reply to any EasyDiscuss post via email, you will need to add this [REPLYBREAK] at the end of the email. This [REPLYBREAK] has to be the same as Reply Break setting defined above. You also can specify any words to replace [REPLYBREAK] that you like and it will work just fine.

Reply Break