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System Requirements

System Requirements

Before we begin, please ensure that you have met the Minimum System Requirement for installing EasyDiscuss on your site.

Joomla Version

EasyDiscuss requires that you have Joomla! installed on your site. EasyDiscuss supports the following version of Joomla! and we encourage our users to update their Joomla! to the latest.

  • Joomla! 3.0 and above
  • Joomla! 3.8+ (Recommended because of security fixes by Joomla)

PHP Requirements

Just like Joomla! EasyDiscuss also runs on PHP. It requires PHP to exists on the site.

  • 5.3+ and above
  • ZIP Library. Much faster extraction process.
  • GD Library. In order to manipulate images that are uploaded on the site.
  • CURL Library. In order for EasySocial to perform outgoing connections.

PHP Settings

Settings Minimum Recommended Reason
memory_limit 64MB 128MB It determines the maximum amount of memory that site can use.
upload_max_filesize 8MB 32MB It determines the size of files that can be uploaded on the site.
post_max_size 8MB 32MB It determines the size of files that can be posted on the site.
max_execution_time 60 120 It determines the maximum execution time for the site in seconds.
magic_quotes_gpc Off Off On Joomla 3 and above, this needs to be explicitly disabled as per Joomla's requirements.


EasyDiscuss requires a minimum version of MySQL v5.6+.

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