Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, all these are the major social platform for us to use daily. In this section, you will learn how to connect your EasyDiscuss with these social sites.

LinkedIn Autopost Configuration

In this guide, we'll briefly guide you through configuring EasyDiscuss LinkedIn Autopost. There are several simple steps available in this section.

Step 1 - Navigating to LinkedIn Autopost Settings

On the sidebar menu at EasyDiscuss's settings, you should be able to see a menu called Auto Posting. Click on it to display the LinkedIn autopost settings.

LinkedIn Settings

Step 2 - Copy the API Keys

Next, copy the Client ID and the Client Secret keys from your LinkedIn Application which you have created before and paste it in the EasyDiscuss LinkedIn autopost configuration.

LinkedIn Oauth

LinkedIn Settings

Step 3 - Store the Configuration

Click on Save button to store the configuration.

Step 4 - Authorization

Next, click on button to authorize the access between your site with LinkedIn. Then, click on Allow access button to authorize it.