Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, all these are the major social platform for us to use daily. In this section, you will learn how to connect your EasyDiscuss with these social sites.

Creating Your First Slack Application

Slack integration allows EasyDiscuss to post messages via Incoming Webhooks API in real-time and its requires you to create an application with them. By integrating them, ensures you are kept informed of new activity on the site.

There are four types of APIs provided by Slack, though, we will only use Incoming Webhooks API for this integration. In this guide, we'll briefly guide you through your first Slack Application and there are few steps designated in this section:

Step 1 - Sign-In To Slack

Navigate to and sign-in to your Slack team.

Step 2 - Creating Incoming Webhooks Integration

Start by creating an Incoming Webhook Integration in your Slack team.

Creating Incoming Webhook Integration

Step 3 - Configuring Up Incoming Webhooks Integration

Next, choose a channel where your Incoming Webhook will post messages to. Once you are ready, click on Add Incoming WebHooks integration.


Step 4 - Authenticate Slack

Retrieve the Webhook URL located at Integration Settings section on Slack and enter it into EasyDiscuss Slack Autoposting section then click save. Make sure that Slack Integration is enabled.

Your Webhook URL should looks something like this:


And that's about it.