1. Rest Api
  2. Introduction


Rest API is supported on EasyDiscuss 4 only.

Introduction To REST API

EasyDiscuss 4 introduces a REST API which allow developers to create apps or widget that may interact with EasyDiscuss externally instead of creating plugins or extensions. This may allow 3rd party application to perform various tasks with EasyDiscuss 4 without having access to the codes.

General Workflow

In this section we will briefly explain the General Workflow of the EasyDiscuss 4 REST API. The REST API workflow comprises a few steps as follow:

  1. Firstly, the external application; known as requester, need to request for an access token from the EasyDiscuss system.
  2. Upon requesting the access token, EasyDiscuss will generate a random access token called as auth token and this auth token needs to be stored on your application database.
  3. Whenever a request is made to the EasyDiscuss REST API, you will need to ensure that the auth token and user id are provided to the EasyDiscuss system.

REST API Response

The EasyDiscuss REST API will return a response in a form of JSON. The JSON response would look similar as below:

    "auth": "e18c957b5c206e170863f9e2e405912d",
    "code": 200,
    "id": "549"

The Available REST API

Currently EasyDiscuss REST API only support 9 API calls. Following are the list of supported APIs:

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