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Obtaining Facebook Id

What is a Facebook Id? Facebook id is an unique sequence of numbers assigned to every page, post, profile, etc that exists on Facebook. It is like an address for reaching to a specific post or profile.

So, here we'll share the steps for finding your Facebook Profile Id.

Find Your Facebook Id

Facebook Profile Link

Firstly, go to your Facebook profile and click on your name or profile picture on the upper left of the Facebook homepage. You'll see the page is navigated to your profile and the page URL is changed to a different url. Usually, your profile URL will looks similar to this:

However, if your profile URL looks something different, perhaps it may looks something like these:


If your profile URL containing ?id=123 argument prepended at the end of the url, that is definately your profile id. Just copy the numbers and paste it in EasyDiscuss.

Otherwise, if your URL contains the plain text username such as Zuck, you'll need an extra steps to find your profile id.

  1. Open up View Page Source option from your browser by clicking right-click and select View Page Source from the dropdown.
  2. In this source page, search for profile_id or ACCOUNT_ID or USER_ID tag by clicking Ctrl/Cmd + F.

In some extreme cases, your profile id is not showing in the page source due to privacy, you may use any 3rd-party app to find your profile id.

Advanced User: You may read through the permission reference for accessing data from Facebook.

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