Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, all these are the major social platform for us to use daily. In this section, you will learn how to connect your EasyDiscuss with these social sites.

Creating Your First Twitter Application

Twitter requires you to create an application in order to link your discussion post on Twitter. In this guide, we'll briefly guide you through configuring your first Twitter Application. There are several steps allocated in this section:

  1. Login to Twitter
  2. Create Twitter Application
  3. Furnishing the Application Details
  4. The Agreement
  5. Allow Sign In with Twitter
  6. Additional Permission
  7. Access Token
  8. Auto Posting

Step 1 - Login to Twitter

Before creating the Twitter Apps, you must login in to your Twitter account.

Twitter Login

Step 2 - Create Twitter Application

Click on Create New App button and start configuring your Twitter application.

Twitter Platform

Step 3 - Furnishing the Application Details

Twitter requires some details of your new apps to ensure Twitter can recognize your site.

Twitter Platform

Although Twitter will ignore the value of the callback URL, it must be set to a valid URL for the application to work.

Twitter Platform

Step 4 - The Agreement

Twitter provide a Developer Agreement as a protection for users and Twitter. You will need to agree to this agreement in order to continue. After you have ticked agree, click on Create your Twitter application button to continue.

Twitter Platform

Step 5 - Allow Sign In with Twitter

You'll need to allow this application to be used to Sign In to Twitter.

Twitter Platform

Step 6 - Additional Permissions

By default, Twitter application is set to Read-Only. This means that you're not be able to post any data to Twitter with this application. You'll need to change the permission of this application from Read-Only to Read and Write permission. Once you've set this permission, click on Update Settings button to store the new configuration.

Twitter Platform

Changes to the application permission model will only take effect in access tokens obtained after the permission model change is saved. You will need to re-negotiate existing access tokens to alter the permission level associated with each of your application’s users.

Step 7 - Access Token

Click on Create my access token to generate the Consumer Key & Consumer Secret.

Twitter Platform

Step 8 - Auto Posting

Lastly, copy these keys and paste it on EasyDiscuss Twitter Auto Posting section.

Twitter Platform