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Overrides Email Logo

By default, EasyDiscuss email template would include a EasyDiscuss logo automatically. If you like to change/customize this logo that appear on EasyDiscuss emails, you would need to create a template override folder and add a new logo there.

Terms and Conditions

Please read our Support Policies before requesting assistance for customization.

Please make sure that you have backup all your customization and it must be up-to-date with the latest EasyDiscuss before updating to the latest version.

Default Email Logo

The default email logo can be located at /media/com_easydiscuss/images/emails/logo.png.

Default Logo

Ideally, the size of the logo should be within 160px x 40px to avoid distorting the email layout.

Overriding Email Logo

Overriding email logo requires you to create a template override. To do this, assumming that you're using Protostar template for your site, you should create the following folders. Then, upload the new logo file into this folders and EasyDiscuss will automatically use this logo when creating emails.



Please make sure that your new logo uses logo.png name with the same extensions.

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