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Thank you for purchasing EasyBlog. In this section, you will learn on the pre-requisites that are required before you can install EasyBlog on your site.

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Getting Started

Getting Started

Read through these documentation and start building your awesome site in minutes. Getting started with EasyBlog without any guide can be a bit of challenge whether you're a computer student or even experienced developer. There are many options and settings available, and unless you are exposed to hands-on application with each of those parts in a deeper understanding, the climb could be steep. Follows these guides, you will be able to get EasyBlog runs without any hiccup in the middle of your project.


Before we begin, be sure to read the and try to match the recommended System Requirements in order for EasyBlog to operate optimally. EasyBlog requires that you have Joomla! installed on the site.

The following versions are supported by EasyBlog however, we encouraged our customer to use the latest Joomla! on their site.

  • Joomla 3.8+ (Recommended because of the security fixes by Joomla)

EasyBlog requires PHP to exist on the site. Please make sure that the following settings are met before installing EasyBlog.

  • PHP 5.3 and above.
  • ZIP Library. Much faster extraction process.
  • GD Library. In order to manipulate images that are uploaded on the site.
  • CURL Library. In order for EasyBlog to perform outgoing connections.
Settings Minimum Recommended Reason
memory_limit 64MB 128MB It determines the maximum amount of memory that site can use.
upload_max_filesize 8MB 32MB It determines the size of files that can be uploaded on the site.
post_max_size 8MB 32MB It determines the size of files that can be posted on the site.
max_execution_time 60 120 It determines the maximum execution time for the site in seconds.
magic_quotes_gpc Off Off On Joomla 3 and above, this needs to be explicitly disabled as per Joomla's requirements.

MySQL Requirements

EasyBlog requires a minimum version of MySQL 4.1+

  • SiteGround - Optimized to run on Joomla! sites. (Official Joomla! demo provider.)
  • CloudAccess - They know what they are doing.
  • Rackspace - Pretty good support and fast.
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