You might be the type that prefer to solve things yourself. This section is to provide you with information on how to troubleshoot your issue.

Troubleshooting Guide

EasyBlog is designed to work out of the boc without requiring any changes or hacks. However, at times it could have some compatibility issues or problems as we are dealing with many different platforms and environments. The following guide should be taken prior posting a new ticket as you might be able to rectify the issues yourself.

Installation Issues

If you're getting errors during the installation of EasyBlog, it is most likely that you hit the 2MB limit marker in PHP. By default, when PHP is installed on the server, it has a default upload limit of 2MB and unless if your hosting provider has changed the value, you will most likely hit errors when you're trying to install EasyBlog on your site.


  • Proceed with the manual installation from directory method as outlined in Installing from directory.

  • Contact your hosting provider to increase the upload_max_filesize value in the php.ini file to at least 8MB or higher. This would also resolve most issues with your photo uploads or any uploads that uses PHP scripts.

  • You should also can ask your hosting provide to increase the following settings value in the php.ini.
    post_max_size = 8M
    memory_limit = 32M
    max_execution_time = 120

If all of the above does not work for you, please log a ticket via our forums and provide us with the Joomla backend and FTP access.

Turning on Error reporting

If you ever hit into a blank page issue, quite often it could be caused by 3rd party modules or plugins that were installed on the site. The quickest way to identify this is by switching on the Error Reporting in Joomla so that you could see which modules or plugins are conflicting.


To set error reporting in Joomla, proceed to Global Configuration > Server and set the Error Reporting level to Maximum.

If you're able to identify the root errors and able to rectify it, Congratulations. Otherwise, you could create a ticket to us at our Forums.