EasyBlog comes with modules to boost your site's usability. Here, you will learn about modules and it's settings.

Latest Comments Module

This module will list down recent comments that user has contributed in the site through EasyBlog.

Latest Comments


Latest Comments

  • Routing Behaviour - Set the routing behaviour for links generated from the module.
  • Use Menu Item - Select menu item if you have choose to menu item as routing type.
  • Count - The number of latest comments to display.
  • Show Comment from private post - To show/hide the comments from private post in the module.
  • Show Blog Title - To show/hide the blog's title text in the module.
  • Show avatar - To show/hide the commenter's avatar in the module.
  • Show author name - To show/hide the author's name in the module.
  • Date format - To set the date format.
  • Max. characters in comments -To specify the length of characters display in comments text.
  • Max. characters in title - To specify the length of characters display in title text.