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Do you prefer to have localized version of EasyBlog? Learn how to translate EasyBlog to your mother tongue here.

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To localize the strings in EasyBlog, you may install language packs for EasyBlog directly from the administration area of EasyBlog. You may access the languages section by clicking on the Languages on the sidebar. The language packs are hosted on Transifex



Since the language service utilizes remote services where it is packaging files from Transifex, you need to ensure that the domain name which is associated with your license is the same url on your site.

Installing New Languages

To install a new language, tick the checkbox beside the language and click on the Install button. EasyBlog will automatically download the language pack and install them automatically.

Activating Language

As EasyBlog uses the translations API on Joomla, you need to activate the language in Joomla instead. As soon as you set the language in Joomla, EasyBlog will automatically inherit the language on the site provided that the translation is complete.

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