An older version of EasyBlog is already installed on your Joomla site? In this section, you will learn how to upgrade your EasyBlog to the latest version.
EasyBlog V3.7

Upgrading EasyBlog 3.7 and lower to EasyBlog 5

To upgrade your EasyBlog, please follow the below steps:

  1. Download the latest EasyBlog installer package from your dashboard. Please make sure that you still own an active license for EasyBlog.

  2. Navigate to your Joomla Extension Manager and Uninstall your EasyBlog 3.7.x from your site. Do not worry as uninstalling EasyBlog will not remove your data records from your database.

  3. Once you have successfully uninstalled your legacy EasyBlog, you may now install the latest EasyBlog 5. You may use this Installing EasyBlog guide to help you through the upgrading process.

We would like to advice you to do a full backup of your site, (including database) before you perform this upgrade. So that, if needed, you can still revert back your site to it's original state before upgrades.

If you're still needing our help, please drop us a ticket on our support channel and we'll assist you on the matter.