Here, you will learn the easy steps of migrating your blog from other components into EasyBlog.

Migrating From Wordpress

Before you the migrator, Please make sure the following steps are performed.

  1. Backup your existing database.
  2. Put your site offline to avoid any interference of database activtives.

Step 1

Copy your xml file you've exported from Wordpress into your Joomla folder (.../administrator/components/com_easyblog/xmlfiles)

Step 2

Login to your Joomla backend and head on to Components> EasyBlog > Migrators

Wordpress Migrator

Then click on View Migrator button

Wordpress Migrator

Step 3

Choose the XML files from the drop down list.

Wordpress Migrator

Step 4

Enter the user id in Blog Import as file so that the imported blog posts will associate with this Joomla user.

Wordpress Migrator

By default the user id will be your administrator

Step 5

Click on the Run Now! button and wait until the progress finishes migrate completely.

Wordpress Migrator