Learn all about the composing behavior in EasyBlog's here.

How to change the text editor in EasyBlog 5

Step 1

Log into your Joomla Backend

Step 2

In the top menu, hover over Componets and click EasyBlog > Settings

Change Editor

Step 3

Under the Settings > General, there will be several tabs. Click on the Composer tab.

Change Editor

Step 4

Under Editor, find the setting labeled Composer Editor. From the drop down list, select the Editor and then click save on the top-left side of the screen.

Change Editor

The following is a list of available editors you can choose.

Editor - CodeMirror

Change Editor

Editor - None

Change Editor

Editor - TinyMCE

Change Editor

Built In - EasyBlog Composer

Change Editor


  • If you are editing a blog post that was created prior to EasyBlog 5, it will not render the new composer editor.
  • If you have changed the editor but the composer still uses the old editor, please check the settings of the Author in

EasyBlog > Authors > [Choose the author]. Then set Editor option to Use Default.

Change Editor