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Enabling Modules


If you're new here and you cannot locate the particular module, it most probably you haven't install it on your site. By default all modules are pre-installed when installing EasyBlog. However, if you skipped module installation steps, you can discover them at Extensions > Manage> Discovers.

Installing Modules

Discovering uninstalled modules on your site is quite easy. Click on Discover button and your site will automatically list down all uninstalled modules. Select the desired modules to be installed, and click Install button to install them.

Discover Modules

Adding & Assigning Modules

Navigate to Extensions > Modules. Here, you'll see the list of active modules. Since, you module is just installed, it will not be listed here. So, click on New button on the top left to add the particular module. There will be a list of all modules available on your site. Locate the desired module and click on it. After you have configured the module, click on Save button to store the configuration.

Installing Modules

Publishing Modules

By default, your newly added module should automatically published. However, if it not simply click on Status Icon next to it to publish it.

Installing Modules

For more information, checkout Joomla Module documentation

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