EasyDiscuss 4.0.19


Learn all about the composing behavior in EasyBlog's here.

Audio block allows you to embed an audio player into your blog post. All you need to do is to add this block into the content and upload the audio file.

EasyBlog 5 Audio Block

As soon as you select an audio file from your media manager stash or upload a new audio file, you will see a screen that is populated with the player as below:

EasyBlog 5 Audio Block

The player above is the exact preview of what would appear when one visits your blog post.


When you upload an audio file, the file would automatically be stored in the This Article folder.

Block Properties

On the right, you will notice the properties of the block which allows you to configure the behavior of this audio player.

EasyBlog 5 Audio Block

Autoplay — Determines if the player should auto play when a user visits the blog post.
Replay Automatically — Once the audio is finished playing, this determines if the player should replay automatically.
Display Artist Name — Determines if the artist name should be visible on the player.
Display Track Title — Determines if the track title should be visible on the player.
Display Download Link — Determines if the track should be download-able.