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Facebook Instant Article

Facebook has opened up Instant Articles to publishers of all sizes. This new feature provides an ancillary update to your Facebook timeline feeds to view external contents.

Learn more on Creating an Instant Article from Facebook developer documentation.

What Are Instant Article?

Instant Article is built to resolve a common problem of slow loading times on mobile. It is optimized for fast mobile performance, rich storytelling capabilities, luxury design and customized visual display.

There’s also a handy publishing video filmed by the Facebook team.

Interesting right? Now lets take a journey on how to configure this up.

Getting Started With Facebook Instant Article

Instant Article is a new feature added to Facebook feeds. It's a faster and more interactive method for viewing article in a Facebook feed. Any shared articles on Facebook which from an approved website will be displayed as Instant Article in an optimized version instead of native mobile web article version.

Note that according to Facebook's developer documentation, Instant Articles are managed through a Facebook page. So, if your site isn't already on Facebook, you will want to create a page before signing up for the program.

Here’s the official intro video to give you an idea of how this all works.

Instant Article expands beyond just content. It also improves the reading experience by improving site speed and performance on loading heavy pages. First thing first, you will want to Sign Up to join the program. You may do this from by filling out a few basic form fields.

Choose your Facebook Page

After a successful sign up, you will need to choose which Facebook page you like to activate Instant Article. Keep in mind, anyone with an admin role on that Page will also be able to use the tools.

Instant Article

After getting the approval, you will see the new tools options on your Facebook Page where you can control things like manual vs. automated submission.

You might also want to get the Facebook Pages Manager app on your mobile so that you will be able to preview and test Instant Article prior to publishing.

Connect Your Site

Facebook requires you to register your site's URL which you intended to use for the Instant Article. By doing so, will verify that you own your URL and ensure that no one else can claim it. This URL will be later served as a hook for all your article's URL.

To register one or more URLs for your page, navigate to Publishing Tools on your page, click Configuration under the Instant Articles header and scroll down to Connect Your Site. Copy the meta key provided (shown in the screenshot below) and enter it into your EasyBlog Instant Article section on your site's backend. Click on Save button to store the key on your EasyBlog.

Instant Article

Instant Article

Continuing on connecting to your site, you'll need to provide your site's URL to Facebook and click on Claim URL button. You should be seeing the success message as shown.

Instant Article

If the provided URL is wrong, Facebook will present you with this error.

Instant Article

You'll need to make sure that the claimed URL is a valid URL and it is pointed to EasyBlog. Re-enter the URL and click on Claim URL again until the success message is displayed.

The claimed URL must be on SEF Mode and the provided site's URL must be pointed to EasyBlog.

Production RSS Feed

You can sync your blog with Instant Article via Facebook's publishing tools; RSS feed link. Remember that, when you're entering the meta key for Instant Article in EasyBlog, there is a link under the textbox?

Instant Article

Copy the Instant Article RSS URL provided by EasyBlog, and paste it into RSS Feed URL in Facebook. Once ready, click on the Save button.

Instant Article

You'll get a popup stating that Your feed was updated successfully. Feeds are refreshed multiple times every hour.

Submit For Review

The Instant Articles team will review a sample batch of your Instant Articles before you can begin to publish. Make sure you format your articles properly and avoid common errors before submission.

  • Create 5 Articles:
    You must create at least 5 articles in your Production library before submitting for review.
  • Submit for Review:
    Our team will review your articles and provide feedback within 1-3 business days.
  • Resubmit, If Needed:
    Resolve any feedback on design or policy violations.

You won't be able to publish Instant Articles until a sample of your properly formatted content has been reviewed and approved by the Instant Articles team. Learn more about this process in the Article Review section.

Start Publishing Instant Articles

Once your Instant Articles feed has been approved, you’ll be ready to go.