How do you integrate EasyBlog with other components such as Mailchimp, EasySocial and Zemanta? Learn the easy steps here.


MailChimp is a newsletter mailing system which allows you to email newsletters, share them on social networks, integrate with services you already use, and track your results. Here are the steps to integrate MailChimp with EasyBlog.

Step 1 - Obtaining API Key

Open MailChimp site, login to your MailChimp account if you're already a registered or Sign-up if you're first time here. Once you have login to your account, click on Account which is available on the top right of the menu bar as shown below.

MailChimp Integration

Next, navigate yourself to Extras > API Keys and you will be arriving at this page. If you're already have the API Key for your site, you can just copy the key and put it at EasyBlog MailChimp Integration Settings. However, if you're new here, you can click on Create A Key button to create a new API Key. You can further read MailChimp API Key Documentation for API Keys.

MailChimp Integration

Step 2 - Optaining List ID

Next, you will need to have List ID. Notice the Lists menu item on the top left menu. Click on it and you will be directed to this page.

MailChimp List ID Page

If you're new here, it would be no list listed here. To create a list, click on Create Lists button at the top right, above the lists table. Follow the instruction and steps provided there to create the list.

After you have done creating the list, or you already have the list, you can click on arrow down at the far right of the list to go to the settings.

MailChimp List Settings

After you have clicked the settings, you will be arriving to this page. Click on List name & Defaults.

MailChimp List Settings Page

Next, you will be arrived at this page. You will see the List ID located at the right column. Copy the List ID and put it at EasyBlog MailChimp Integration Settings. You can further read MailChimp List ID Documentation

MailChimp List ID

Step 3

After you have both; API key and List ID, now you can put it in the MailChimp Integration Settings. After you have finishes configuring this, click on Save button to store the information.

MailChimp Integration Settings

  • Enable Mailchimp Integrations - By enabling this option, when a user subscribes to the blog, EasyBlog will also send an API call to Mailchimp's API server so that they will subscribe to your listings.
  • API Key - For their API server to correctly authenticate our application, you will need to generate an API key from your account section first.
  • List ID - List ID is the unique id for your particular email list in Mailchimp. Specify the list id here and subscribers will automatically be subscribed to your list.
  • Send Welcome E-mail - If enabled, Mailchimp will automatically send the welcome email that you have configured.
  • Create Campaigns - When this is enabled, EasyBlog will create a new campaign in Mailchimp whenever you create a new blog post.
  • Sender Name - Set the sender's name for Mailchimp.
  • Sender Email - Set the reply to email address for Mailchimp. Please ensure that this email domain is verified.