EasyDiscuss 4.0.19


All set? Here, you will learn how to configure your EasyBlog to suits your site's needs. From changing your social button position, to enable microblogging.
EasyBlog V5.1

Post Option Precedence

The inheritance of the options are different between each views, each menus. For each option, it may have a different priority. The following are the available precedences in EasyBlog.

Menu options

Menu item options are at the highest precedence over EasyBlog options. This means that EasyBlog will be respecting these options more than its own options.

EasyBlog Post Precedence

Category Options

Category options are at the second highest precedence after menu item. This means that if you didn't set any option on menu, EasyBlog will be respecting this option. By default, options under category will inherit options from the global EasyBlog options. You may find this options at EasyBlog > Categories > (any category) > Entry Layout.

EasyBlog Post Precedence

View Options

View options are the global EasyBlog options, of which it has the lowest precedence. It is also the default options for EasyBlog. It is located at EasyBlog > Settings > Views.

EasyBlog Post Precedence