Here, you will learn the easy steps of migrating your blog from other components into EasyBlog.

Zoo Migrator

Before you run the migrator, please make sure the following steps are performed. These are the precaution steps which need to be addressed so that if anything happen, you can revive back the original site.

  1. Backup your existing database.
  2. Put your site offline to avoid any interference with database activities.

After you have done the above precaution steps, now you can continue with the migration process.

Step 1

Navigate yourself to Joomla > Components > EasyBlog > Migrators, then click on Migrators.

Zoo Migrator

Step 2

Next, you need to find the Zoo Migrator in the listing of migrators. Click on View Migrator.

Zoo Migrator

Step 3

Here in this step, you need to select the Zoo Application ID from the listing.

Zoo Migrator App ID

  • Zoo Application ID - Please select the Zoo Application ID from the listing.

Step 4

Finally, click on Run Now! button and wait until the migration process finishes. The migration process might take up to several minutes.

Zoo Migrator