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Overriding Email Templates

EasyBlog allows you to create custom email template overrides in your Joomla template. This is ideal when you want to customize the theme files but do not want the updates to overrides your custom changes.

With the new build-in theme architecture on EasyBlog 5, all emails template are now stored in the same folder. You can locate them at /components/com_easyblog/themes/wireframe/emails/html/. You may edit these files and customize them accordingly.

Overriding Default Email Template

All of the email templates located in the folder above contains the generic email wrapper. The main template for the email can be found at /components/com_easyblog/themes/wireframe/emails/html/template.php. If you need to perform a heavy customization on the email template structure, you should be modifying this file.

To create an override for the default email template, you'll need to have the following folder in your site. Assuming your current Joomla template is Protostar, you should be creating the following folders /html/com_easyblog/emails/html/.

Then, upload the new default email template there. EasyBlog will automatically pick this email template up. The final directory will be /templates/protostar/html/com_easyblog/emails/html/template.php.

Overriding Email Templates

There are several email templates available in EasyBlog. When making changes to the email template, you should try to override them via your Joomla template's folder. To do that, assuming that you are using the Protostar template:

  1. Create a new folder in /templates/protostar/html/com_easyblog/emails/html.
  2. Copy the email template that you want to override from the folder /components/com_easyblog/themes/wireframe/emails/html/ and place them in the newly created folder in step #1.
  3. Add your customization in this file and once that is done, you are good to go!

Happy customizing!

In a case where your override template file doesn't get pick up, you should check for the path of the override template file with the provided path above. Please make sure the path of the override template files are based on your Current Joomla Template.