Do you prefer to have localized EasyBlog? Learn how to translate your EasyBlog to your mother tongue here.

Becoming An Official Translator

Localizations are very important for sites that wants to display contents that are not in English. Because EasyBlog rides on the awesome Joomla! framework, you'll be able to take advantage of the language translations and language overrides like how you would translate in Joomla!.

Perks of being a Translator

By being a translator, you will be given exclusive rights to run EasySocial on the site and you never have to purchase any subscription as your subscription will remain active as long as your translations are complete.


We currently are only accepting 1 to 2 (max) translators for a single translation team. Each translations will be handled by a translation manager and the quality of the translation has to be great. As a professional translator, you do want users worldwide to compliment on your translations wouldn't you? :)

  • Pro-active in translating new language strings.
  • Proficient in the language that you are translating to.

If you think you have what it takes to be an awesome translator, please feel free to join our translations team using the button below:

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