All set? Here, you will learn how to configure your EasyBlog to suits your site's needs. From changing your social button position, to enable microblogging.


WARNING! Here are the settings for advanced user. This settings on this page are for advanced use or developer's purposes only. Please do not change the settings here unless instructed by our support team.

System General

  • Use index.php For Ajax Urls - By default this setting is disabled. If your site has a redirection from to, you will need to ensure that this option is keep disabled.

    Initially, ajax calls are being made to but if you have adds a redirection from to you need to enable this setting so that, EasyBlog can switch the ajax calls back to

  • System Environment -

    • Static - Loads a single script file containing Foundry & EasySocial scripts.
    • Optimized - Loads Foundry & EasySocial scripts individually. Ideal if you have multiple StackIdeas components installed.
    • Development - Loads all script files separately. If you turning this setting on, it will make your site very slow.
  • Javascript Compression Mode -

    • Compressed - Loads minified scripts. Ideal for production sites.
    • Uncompressed - Loads original scripts. Ideal for debugging & development purposes.

      Note: If you set your system environment to development, uncompressed scripts will always be loaded.

System > Content Delivery Network

Here you can setup the CDN to host the script.

System CDN

  • Enable CDN - Determines if EasyBlog should serve asset files using a CDN url.
  • CDN URL - Enter the url for your cdn provider here.

System > API Key

The API Key is used for system updates and language updates. You will be able to retrieve your API Key here.

System API Key

System > Orphan Items

Automatically transfer the posts to a different author when the user is deleted.
System Orphan Items

Set the desired user id for orphaned items. EasyBlog will automatically assign this user id as the new creator if the previous creator of the respective item(s) is removed from EasyBlog. By default, the user id is 62 which is the super administrator account when you first install Joomla!.

System > System Profiling

You can enable profiling to view the performance of the system. You should not turn on the "System Profiling" if you are not really debugging the SQL queries. Turning this on will cause it to be even more slower because it actually is profiling those SQL queries.

When this option is enabled, database queries are collected from the beginning of the execution of EasyBlog right till the end.

System Orphan Items