Do you prefer to use third-party commenting system? Get info on how to integrate EasyBlog with other commenting system such as Facebook comments, IntenseDebate, and Komento.

Integrating with Facebook Comments

Are you looking for ways to integrate Facebook comments on your EasyBlog? Here are the few steps you need to do in order to integrate Facebook Comments.

Step 1

Go to Joomla > Components > EasyBlogs > Settings > Social Integrations > Facebook and fill in the Admin ID and Application ID. These Admin ID and Application ID are needed to generate Facebook comments later. It is IMPORTANT to know that Admin ID is not a Secret ID.

FB Setup

What is Admin ID and how to retrieve it? Admin ID is basically a Facebook Profile ID. So, if you're moderating Facebook Comments in EasyBlog, this means that it should be your Facebook Profile ID.

However, if you're assigning someone else to be a moderator, then that means you will need his/her Facebook Profile ID.

Here is the docs on how you can retrieve Profile ID.

Step 2

Next, you need to enable Facebook Comments Integration in EasyBlog. Navigate yourself to Joomla > Components > EasyBlog > Settings > Comments > Integrations. Search for Facebook Comments and turn it on.

FB Comments

Step 3

After you have turn on the settings, you will see this display on your site.

FB Comments