Do you prefer to use third-party commenting system? Get info on how to integrate EasyBlog with other commenting system such as Facebook comments, IntenseDebate, and Komento.

Integrating with Intense Debate

EasyBlog can be integrated with Intense Debate. But what is actually Intense Debate? Intense Debate is a feature-rich comment system which enhance and encaurage conversation on your blog. How to use this and integrate it with EasyBlog?

Step 1

If this is your first time using IntenseDebate, you will need to Sign-up first. To do sign-up, navigate yourself to to register. If you're already using IntenseDebate, click on Sign In Here and you can skip these steps and start at step 8.

IntenseDebate Comments Signup

Step 2

Please enter your credentials to sign-up here. Please remember to choose I want to install IntenseDebate on my blog or website.

IntenseDebate Comments Signup

Step 3

Once you have submit your application, an email will be send to your email to verification.

IntenseDebate Comments Signup

Step 4

Next, after IntenseDebate have verified your credentials, you will be redirected to this page. You can now continue to setup your IntenseDebate Comments on your site.

IntenseDebate Comments Setup

Step 5

Please enter blog or website URL here.

IntenseDebate Comments Setup

Step 6

Next, you need to select the platform for IntenseDebate to be placed. Please select Generic Install to continue.

IntenseDebate Comments Setup

Step 7

At this step, you're almost finish setting up your IntenseDebate and here, you can see the IntenseDebate code. You will need this code to configure EasyBlog Comment Integration later.

IntenseDebate Comments Setup

Step 8

If you missed to copy IntenseDebate code at Step 7, you can always find it here: Go to My Account > Manage blogs/sites. Click on site key. It will display the Site Key which is needed to configure EasyBlog Comment Integration. Copy the IntenseDebate site acct.

IntenseDebate Comments Manage Blogs/Sites

IntenseDebate Comments Site Key

Step 9

Now you have finished setting up IntenseDebate and you already have the IntenseDebate Code. You need to configure EasyBlog Comment Integration. Please go to Joomla > Components > EasyBlog > Settings > Comments > Integrations and find this setting there. Turn on this setting and put the IntenseDebate Code there. Click save to store the changes.

IntenseDebate EasyBlog Comment Integration

Step 10

This is how IntenseDebate will looks like on your site.

IntenseDebate EasyBlog Comment Display