EasyDiscuss 4.0.19

Easyblog 3

This is archived documentation for EasyBlog 3.x.

Upgrading from EasyBlog 3.0.x to EasyBlog 3.5.x is really simple. There's two options that you can go with while we always suggest to go for the latter as it will clear up existing unused files.

  • Normal installation on top of existing installed version
  • Perform a reinstall of EasyBlog


We've added tons of new features on EasyBlog 3.5, the installer automatically became larger and there is no real way to minimize the installer while increasing the features. You will need to ensure that your php limits are higher than the above.
upload_max_filesize 5MB

Obtaining EasyBlog 3.5

All you need to do here is to access your downloads area and download the latest version.

Normal installation

Proceed to your Joomla installer and browse for the files and hit the upload and install button.


To perform a reinstallation, you will need to uninstall the existing copy of EasyBlog. Then, perform a normal installation of EasyBlog and you are good to go

Note: Data will remain intact. The only changes / removals during the upgrade is the files. If you've made any customizations, be sure to back it up first.