Do you prefer to use third-party commenting system? Get info on how to integrate EasyBlog with other commenting system such as Facebook comments, IntenseDebate, and Komento.

Integrating CompoJoom Comment

CompoJoom Comment or CComment, is another comment system developed for Joomla. How to integrate this with EasyBlog? It is very easy.

Step 1

You can download CompoJoom Comment component from their CompoJoom Website. After you have download the component, you can install it on your website through Extension Manager.

Step 2

Next, you need to configure the component. Maneuver yourself to Joomla > Components > CComment > Settings. Please check the integration settings and make sure EasyBlog is listed at the component. If EasyBlog is not listed, then you need to add new component by clicking New button at the top. You will need to follow the instruction provided there.

CompoJoom Comment Setting

Step 3

After you have done configuring the component, navigate yourself to Joomla > Components > EasyBlog > Settings > Comments > Integrations and find this setting there. Turn this setting on and you're good to go.

CompoJoom Comment Setting

Step 4

This is how it will looks like on your site.

CompoJoom Comment Display

If you have encounter any issue regarding CompoJoom Comment, you can Request Support from them.