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Here, you will learn the easy steps of migrating your blog from other components into EasyBlog.

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  2. Migrations
  3. Migrating From K2

Migrating From K2

Please ensure that you have:

  • Already backup your existing database

  • Set the site to offline to avoid any interference with the database

To migrate K2 posts over to EasyBlog, please follow the guide below:

  1. Access Migration Section
    Navigate to Joomla > Components > EasyBlog > Migrators, then click on Migrators.

    K2 Migrator

    Next, find the K2 Migrator in listing of migrators. Click on View Migrator.

    K2 Migrator

  2. Migration Options
    Configure the migration options as you can see from the screenshot below:

    K2 Migrator

    • Migrate the comments from K2 as well
      If turned on, Easyblog will also migrate K2 comments.

    • Migrate Item From All Categories
      If turned on, Easyblog will also migrate items from all K2 categories.

    • Category
      Select a specific category that you would like EasyBlog to import from.

  3. Finalize Migration
    Click on Run Now! button and wait until the migration process finishes. The migration process might take up to several minutes depending on how large is your database.

    K2 Migrator

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