Here, you will learn the easy steps of migrating your blog from other components into EasyBlog.

Migrating EasyBlog To Different Site.

Ideally, it's best that you create an export dump through phpMyAdmin and export the tables over. Here's the general guidelines that you could use and it is also what we have been used previously when we migrated EasyBlog from one site onto another site.

Pre-requisite Step

  • Backup, backup and backup your site first before performing migration.
  • Migrate all users from the origin site into the new site. Please make sure that all the user id on the new site is the same as the origin site.

Step 1

Open up PHPMyAdmin tools that is provided by your hosting provider and navigate to your current site's database.

Step 2

Make a SQL dump for all the tables that has the prefix of #__easyblog_*. Then, download the .sql file and save it on your desktop.

Step 3

If the new site's database prefix uses the same prefix, then you may skip this step. However, if it not, you'll need to edit the .sql file that you've downloaded, and do a search and replace of the prefix with the new site's prefix.

Step 4

Next, open up the new site's PHPMyAdmin and navigate to the current site's database. You should see an import option at the top. Click on that and click browse to select the .sql file downloaded earlier. Once you're ready, click on the import button to run the import process.

Step 5

Finally, you may install the latest EasyBlog on the new site.

Make sure that the EasyBlog on the origin site is having the same version of the new site. If it not, please do so.

Step 6 (Optional)

If your blog post contains images, you may have to do this step as well. Copy over the images and medias files associated with EasyBlog (e.g. the /images/easyblog_avatar, /images/easyblog_images, /images/easyblog_shared, and the /media/com_easyblog folders and all of their contents).