Here, you will learn the easy steps of migrating your blog from other components into EasyBlog.

About Migrator

Are you ready to migrate from other blogging platform into EasyBlog? If you're a new to blogging, the idea of switching blog platforms may scare you. Yes, it's unpleasantly intimidating, and you will probably might make mistakes along the way. In order to avoid major oops, we here at Stack Ideas provides you with migrator. It is a one click features to migrate your site's blog.

Currently our we have migrators for Blogger, K2, WordPress, WordPress for Joomla, Joomla articles and Zoo. Our team will build more migrators as time goes by; should you have a suggestion for our team, you can suggest a blogging component via our Voices portal.

We highly advice you to backup your entire site prior to migrating your content.