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How Tos

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How to uninstall EasyBlog from your site

We're heart-broken at your decision to uninstall EasyBlog from your site. Is there we can do to reverse this decision of yours? If you do, please do contact us at our Support Channel.

Should you still wishes to remove EasyBlog from your site, here are the steps you will have to take. :(

Step 1

Navigate yourself to Joomla > Extensions > Extension Manager > Manage and click Manage. There you will see the list of extensions installed in your site.

Uninstall EasyBlog Setting

Step 2

Next, search EasyBlog in the search field to filter the list. Here is my example of the list and the result might be different from your site.

Uninstall EasyBlog List

Step 3

Next, you can select all from the list and click Uninstall.

Uninstall EasyBlog Button

Step 4

Lastly, if you wish to completely uninstall EasyBlog from your site, open your database, and delete all EasyBlog tables. You should find tables with this prefix #__easyblog.

NOTE: If you wish to re-install EasyBlog later, you may skip this step.
IMPORTANT! Please be extra careful when deleting tables in your database. This step is NOT REVERSIBLE, and please make sure you have take extra precaution to BACKUP your entire site.