How Tos

Some issues are easy, that even a non-techie can solve it. Here are the lists of 'How-tos' that will help you to fix simple issues.

Submitting Blog to Groups & Events via Composer

EasyBlog 5 introduces new feature which enhanced the productivity and connectivity between EasyBlog and EasySocial. Authors are able to create new blog in EasyBlog Composer and later then published it in their own group or event in EasySocial. In this guide, we'll provide you with the basic steps to submit blogs to group or event via composer.

EasyBlog and EasySocial are required to be installed and configured on the site.


The user must be able to create or join any group or attend any event that are available.


Load up EasyBlog composer and start composing your blog. After your have finished composing, navigate to Author section located at the right sidebar. Noticed that there should be a button displaying as a pencil.

Submitting Blog

You'll need to click on that button. Once you've clicked that button, a list of association will be displayed. You'll need to choose the desired group or event for the blog to be publish into.

Submitting Blog

Finally, click on the Publish Post button to publish the blog to the site.