How Tos

Some issues are easy, that even a non-techie can solve it. Here are the lists of 'How-tos' that will help you to fix simple issues.

How to Setting-Up Team Blogs

Team Blog is a feature where multiple bloggers are able to contribute blog according to the assigned team. You can setup your team by following these steps.

Navigate yourself to EasyBlog > Team Blogs. In this page, you will see the list of Team Blog created on your site. You can click on the Team Blog name to edit.

Team Blogs List

If your site is new and/or no Team Blogs created yet, you can click on New button to create a Team Blog.

Team Blogs New

Team Blog Details

Next, you now can create a Team Blog on your site.

Creating New Team Blog

  • Name - Enter the Team Blog name.
  • Alias - Enter the Team Blog alias. This is what appears in the URL when SEF is enabled.
  • Description - Description will appear when user views a particular team blog.

Creating New Team Blog

  • Avatar - Upload the avatar for your team blog.
  • Created - Choose the date of creation for this team blog.
  • Published - Set the publish state for this team blog.
  • Access - Set the privacy access for this team blog.
  • Allow Join Team - Determine whether this team blog is allow other user to join or not.

Creating New Team Blog

  • Meta Keywords - Set the your own Meta Keywords for this team blog.
  • Meta Description - Set the your own Meta Description for this team blog.


Next, you should be adding members to your Team Blog. By assigning users into this team, they will be able to contribute and read blog entries from the team. You can click on Add User to add new member to the team.

Adding Team Members

Once you clicked the Add Member button, EasyBlog will pop-up a list of bloggers on your site. You can choose anyone to be in this team by clicking on their name.

Adding Team Members

User Groups

You also can select Joomla user group to be added into this Team Blog. By assigning the user group into this team, this user group will be able to contribute and read blog entries from the team. However, these users in this user group are not automatically added as member of this team blog.

User Group

Click on Save button on the top left to create the Team Blog.