How Tos

Some issues are easy, that even a non-techie can solve it. Here are the lists of 'How-tos' that will help you to fix simple issues.

How to Enable ShareThis

The ShareThis button is an all-in-one widget that lets people share any content on the Web with friends via e-mail, AIM, or text message. Here, we provide you a guide on how to enable ShareThis on your site.

Step 1

In order to use ShareThis social integration feature, you will need ShareThis Publisher Code. To get this code, you need to login and register at ShareThis. Once you are logged in, you will be redirected to your profile page. Notice that there's a Publisher Pub-Key under My Account section.


Step 2

Copy the Publisher Pub-Key and put it in ShareThis EasyBlog Social Integration settings page located at EasyBlog > Settings > Social Integrations > ShareThis.


Step 3

By default EasyBlog will use AddThis as the default bookmark for EasyBlog. To use ShareThis as your bookmark, you will need to configure ShareThis setting at EasyBlog > Categories > Post Options.