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How to Create A Post Templates.

EasyBlog 5 comes with its own text editor which named Composer. Composer allows you to create and customize your own post template. Here, we'll provide you with steps to create a post template.

NOTE: This feature is only available with EasyBlog 5 build-in Composer. Composing Method

Step 1

Open up Composer on your site. Notice at the top left of Composer, there is a button Add Block.

Create A Post Templates

Once you have clicked Add Block button, you will be presented with the list of available blocks on your site. Here, listed the available Composer Block on EasyBlog.

Create A Post Templates

Step 2

After you have completed designing your post template, it should looks something like this.

Create A Post Templates

Step 3

Proceeding with post template, once you have finalize it, click on "^" button beside Save For Later button and click on Save As New Template.

Create A Post Templates

There will be a pop-up dialog for you to enter the title of the post template and make sure you have checked Save this as a global template that can be used by everyone as well.

Create A Post Templates

Step 4

If you wish to edit the post template, navigate to EasyBlog > Posts > Templates. Once you have finished applying the changes, you may update it by clicking Update This Template button.

Create A Post Templates

Step 5

Now you have your new post template. You can use this post template when creating a new blogpost.

Create A Post Templates

Thats is it. Happy blogging!

NOTE: In an event where you wish to delete a post template, navigate to Easyblog > Posts > Templates. There, select the desired post template and click on Delete button at the top left.