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How to Add Readmore Block in Composer

Readmore block allows you to slice the content of the blog post into introtext and main content. This helps the blogger to put a thrill experience to the reader as only introtext is display and it would be a teaser of the real content of the blog. Here, we'll briefly guide you on how to add readmore block in Composer.

Step 1

Firstly, load up Composer to start writing your blog.

Step 2

Next, writes the content of your blog. You should paragraph your blog using text block.

Add Readmore Block

Step 3

Noticed at the top left of your Composer, there is a button Add Block. Click on it.

Add Readmore Block

Step 4

Once you have clicked on the Add Block button, Composer, will load up the list of available blocks on your EasyBlog. Here, you'll need to search for Readmore Block and it should be at MISC section of the list.
Add Readmore Block

Step 5

Next, click and drag it onto your Composer. You may position it anywhere you wish to put it.

Add Readmore Block

Now, your blog should looks something like this.

Add Readmore Block

Step 6

Finally, click on Publish Post to save and publish the post on your blog. Thats it!

Add Readmore Block

Video Tutorial

Readmore Block Video Tutorial