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Mobile integrations with Weever Apps
7th April, 2012
While most of you have been busy surfing around with your mobile devices, some of you might been asking yourselves, "How can I make my Joomla! powered site mo...
Development updates for EasyBlog 3.5
19th March, 2012
Some of you might be wondering why we've actually used the version of EasyBlog 3.5 instead of EasyBlog 4.0 since the previous releases are all incremented by on...
Keeping EasyBlog Up-to-Date in Your Joomla Website
20th February, 2012
To get the best out of EasyBlog, we encourage all of our users to keep it up-to-date. From time to time, the development team will release new builds containing...
JomSocial group blogging plugin
12th October, 2011
I am very excited to be the first person to announce this and I guess the title of this blog itself already explains what the we've been busy with :) Yep, we've...
EasyBlog 3.0 beta released!
16th September, 2011
It's been almost a week since we published some of the coolest features in EasyBlog 3.0. You can refer to the posts, Advanced Blogging in EasyBlog 2.1 and More ...
A couple of Announcements for EasyBlog
11th September, 2011
I hope you are feeling excited as I am right now over the next upcoming major release of EasyBlog 3.0 . Yep, we initially planned to release it as 2.1 but consi...
More on EasyBlog 2.1
5th September, 2011
It's been a week since we posted some leaks on EasyBlog 2.1 and just thought that I should share more about the new features that we've added in it since we are...
Translators, we have moved to Transifex
31st August, 2011
  We are currently moving our translations over to Transifex instead of the old manual way of processing language files. If you are a translator for our compon...
Posterous Integrations with EasyBlog 2
21st May, 2011
We haven't really been pushing this out but just in case you hadn't noticed, EasyBlog 2 will actually allow you to auto post from your Posterous accounts. The b...
Share the love of EasyBlog!
19th May, 2011
We would like to invite all existing EasyBlog users to help spread the love for us at JoomlaBlogger (A professional blogger that blogs mostly about Joomla! rela...


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