JomSocial group blogging plugin

JomSocial group blogging plugin

I am very excited to be the first person to announce this and I guess the title of this blog itself already explains what the we've been busy with :) Yep, we've completed a new plugin that extends the basic functionality that JomSocial group offers. The plugin allows group members to contribute new blog posts for the group that they have joined and they will also be able to see them in the group pages itself.

Here comes the rest of the screen shots :)

When will this be released?
We will be announcing this very shortly and for registered users, you should be able to see a link in your account section to purchase the addon. Stay tune for more updates from us.

How much does this cost?
The group blogging plugin for JomSocial will only cost you $19 for 1 year of upgrades as well as support. As an appreciation to loyal members, you will be able to get this plugin at the price of $9.99 for the first two days after we released it (A coupon code will be placed in your account area).

Why is the plugin not free this time?
We always try to release extensions or plugins for FREE but unfortunately, this time we can't be offering this for free as we will need to maintain and ensure that it is up to date with the constant updates of all the components involved. By purchasing, you are also supporting us to create better apps in the future.


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  1. Kyle

Great!! Finally!! This is really a good news to all jomsocial users! Thank you!

  1. Jack    Kyle

No problem Kyle, Thank you for your support! :D

  1. renejdm


This is really fantastic. I will definitely purchase this add-on. But have you tested it with the Beta version of JomSocial 2.4? I know that they are modifying their group functionality quite heavily in this upcoming release.


  1. Jack    renejdm

Thank you Rene! I have not tested the beta yet but I'll give it a try in the next couple of days

  1. Alex Martinez

Usage is real simple. The plugin has a configuration option for you to tell it which Joomla menu id to use. First, top level menu items appear as tabs. Second, second level menu items appear under their parent tab. Pretty simple.
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  1. Jack

Alex, sorry but I don't get you on this :(

  1. Craig

Wow, another excellent update! I will be the first to buy this once you release it!

  1. Jack    Craig

Thanks for the support Craig!

  1. Carl

Can't wait for this! When will this plugin be released?

  1. Jack    Carl

Thanks Carl! It'll be released very shortly :)

  1. Jack


Sounds exciting. I have been testing JomSocial and the 2.4 beta 2 has many changes made to the Groups area, and some of these may affect this plugin.

  1. Jack    Jack

Yep, we'll be testing this shortly :) Thanks for letting us know.

  1. John Crivello

excellent news!

  1. Jack    John Crivello

Yep, we are looking forward for the release :)

  1. muhanad

Nice :D:D i love the fact that easyblog has the best jomosical integration .. it makes my life oh so much easier

  1. Jack    muhanad

Thanks Muhanad!

  1. dilal hussain

im heppy

  1. Jack    dilal hussain

Thanks Dilal :)

  1. James

This is really awesome, please release this quickly! I really need this!

  1. Jack    James

Thanks James, this will be available very soon :)

  1. Alamri

Hey Jack
dose this blod optimized for Mobile browsers ?

  1. Jack    Alamri

Hey Alamri,

It actually depends on your site's template but we are in the plans of building a compatible theme for mobile browsers :)

  1. Michael Leavitt

Did I miss something, when does this feature become available for purchase?

  1. Jack    Michael Leavitt

Hey Michael,

We're still finalizing some changes on the UI and once it's done, we'll be releasing this :) If you have already subscribed to our newsletter, we'll notify you in the email when it's available.

  1. aion

This looks great, kudos for the idea. Is it possible to see the DEMO of how EasyBlog actually works in groups before the purchase?

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