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More on EasyBlog 2.1

More on EasyBlog 2.1

It's been a week since we posted some leaks on EasyBlog 2.1 and just thought that I should share more about the new features that we've added in it since we are getting near towards the beta release...

Refreshed blog management

The current back end has been revamped to ensure that you would get a clearer picture of all the rich features that comes with EasyBlog unlike the prior which looks a little congested. Oh yes, the refreshed back end works well with Mission Control from Rocket Themes now.

EasyBlog 2.1 back end

Category ACLs

The old privacy settings which you see when you create a new category would still work as-is but on top of the existing privacy we have also added another privacy option that allows you to configure the privacy to be based on the user groups.

Category Privacy Settings

Like illustrated above, you can now select the privacy for each of the category created on the site. It is per user group specific so that you could take full advantage of the user groups that are added in Joomla 1.6 and Joomla 1.7

New bloggers interface

The current layout of the bloggers isn't very social friendly so we took another step further by enhancing the bloggers page to have more social-ish elements.

blogger interface

Unifying login form

Only when you thought it was difficult to place a login form in EasyBlog, we've added a new quick login section that allows your users or bloggers to quickly login.

Unified login

If you missed out on our earlier blog post, we had some more leaks for you to check out there as well.

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