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EasyBlog 3.0 beta released!

EasyBlog 3.0 beta released!

It's been almost a week since we published some of the coolest features in EasyBlog 3.0. You can refer to the posts, Advanced Blogging in EasyBlog 2.1 and More on EasyBlog 2.1 if you missed them. This time around, the post is about the beta release which is now available in the forums.

Beta duration

Every beta releases are tested intensively before being released as a beta to ensure that there's no major issue and any issues that prevent a basic blogging operation. The beta is actually for us to detect hidden bugs or bugs that are often unseen. Normally, the period of the beta is between 4 - 7 days or until most of the bugs has been fixed.


Be a part of the community!

Start participating in the beta and help us discover any bugs which are difficult to locate or more often hidden from the public's view. In EasyBlog 3, we've added a error logging facility which submits errors to our "Error Reporting Server" via a remote API call. You can switch this on while testing as the errors will automatically get submitted to our servers. By default, this option is disabled as there are some users who are concerned about their site's privacy.


Should I install this on my live site?

This is entirely up to you! Whilst we do NOT recommend you to do this, some users would just try them on their live site (Site's which does not have massive amount of traffic). We do however recommend and advise users to install this on a local environment or staging site first for just in case purposes.

Start Testing!

Note: The beta release is only available to users who subscribed to EasyBlog's subscription plans.


Get EasyBlog Now!

If you are not a subscriber of EasyBlog yet, and in case you have missed out the post earlier, A couple of Announcements, I would like to strongly urge you to get a subscription before the stable release date of EasyBlog.

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