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OSMap plugin for EasyBlog now available for download
19th October, 2015
How's it guys? I would like to just post a quick update on the new OSMap extension for Joomla. We have just released a new OSMap plugin for EasyBlog 5 which wor...
Update your EasyBlog's ACL
23rd July, 2015
We have received numerous number of emails and forum posts stating that they are being hacked because user's were able to post and publish blog posts on the sit...
EasyBlog 5.0.16 Available Now!
15th July, 2015
It has been a hectic week for most of us this past 2 weeks and it was due to the initial release of EasyBlog 5 where we have been introducing a revolutionary wa...
EasyBlog 5 Is Here!
15th June, 2015
Finally, after all the blood, sweat and tears, we are proud to present to you the future of Joomla blogging with EasyBlog 5! EasyBlog 5 stable has arrived and y...
Get EasyBlog 5 Alpha Now
3rd April, 2015
Hey guys, most of you may have noticed that I have been missing from the forums and blogs for quite a while and the time has finally come for me to get out of m...
EasyBlog 5 Development Progress
16th January, 2015
As most of you have already knew, EasyBlog 5 has become a part of the our daily routine. Balancing between development and support is very taxing for most of us...
Updating EasyBlog with the latest version with the automated updater
5th March, 2013
We have recently just noticed that there is some issues with the automated updater in EasyBlog if you are using version 3.7.14091 or lower. In order to update t...
Select blog list module for EasyBlog
29th August, 2012
Over the weekend someone came up to me requesting for a module that displays a list of entries in a pull down list. I gave it a thought and felt that it should ...
Blog images explained
14th July, 2012
There has been somewhat of a confusion over what Blog images are and how it is used. To sum it all up, think of Blog Image a way for you to identify your blog p...
Mobile integrations with Weever Apps
7th April, 2012
While most of you have been busy surfing around with your mobile devices, some of you might been asking yourselves, "How can I make my Joomla! powered site mo...


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