Mobile integrations with Weever Apps

Mobile integrations with Weever Apps

While most of you have been busy surfing around with your mobile devices, some of you might been asking yourselves, "How can I make my Joomla! powered site mobile compatible?". Don't fret as Weever Apps has actually came up with something amazing for your Joomla! powered sites. To begin with, their component setup is extremely easy.

So, what do we have in store for you in EasyBlog 3.5? :)

Setting this up is really easy as Weever Apps will be releasing a newer version that supports EasyBlog 3.5 out of the box. You only need to select the view that you want and create a tab for it.

Here's some screens on how your blog for Joomla would look like when integrated with Weever Apps. :)

It will be a major milestone for us and with the great help from the awesome guys from Weever Apps, you will soon be able to blog on the go!

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