Share the love of EasyBlog!

Share the love of EasyBlog!

We would like to invite all existing EasyBlog users to help spread the love for us at JoomlaBlogger (A professional blogger that blogs mostly about Joomla! related news ). JoomlaBlogger offers quick looks which is a preview of the component to their users.

If the component is rated well enough, they will then provide a full review of EasyBlog. It will be an un-biased review I believe as we do not actually pay them to have a full review. Therefore, we would like to invite our existing or new users to help us spread the love by voting us at the following URL :)


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I have rated, Jack, Kent here. 5 stars for your component, you guys really done a great job!

Thanks Kent!

Done..... 16th vote is mine ;)
Way to go guys

Thank you Nakul!

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