A couple of Announcements for EasyBlog

A couple of Announcements for EasyBlog

I hope you are feeling excited as I am right now over the next upcoming major release of EasyBlog 3.0 . Yep, we initially planned to release it as 2.1 but considering the huge amount of new and improved features, a major update is more appropriate. So, instead, we'll be releasing it as EasyBlog 3.0 to help us and the users distinguish between the different version of the products easily.


Revised pricing model

The entire team was very reluctant to go ahead with this move but we are growing! and we needed additional resources to push us ahead and help us continue providing superior technical support. This move will also help us reduce the charges from our payment provider as their charges are dependent on the sales price.

The new pricing reflects the hike in operation costs like human resources, infrastructure, and the policies that are out of our control for keeping this business sustainable. EasyBlog 3.0 will be available as an all-new component and offers a totally refreshed Professional looks. The pricing model includes top-notch priority technical support for 12 months and software updates as usual. A complete new list of pricing scheme will be available as below:

Community Professional
$59 $79

Existing subscribers / Renewals

Existing subscribers will still be able to access the downloads section to receive updates for EasyBlog 3 as long as your subscription is still active. The pricing scheme for renewals are the same and there is no pricing changes.

When will this take effect?

The new pricing model will only be effective when EasyBlog 3.0 is officially released. This does not include the beta releases (Expected 19th of September 2011)

Get EasyBlog Now!

As a smart consumer, getting the best software at only $59 for the current version of EasyBlog 2.0 is the best move until the new version is released. As you are aware, the current version of EasyBlog 2.0 has already set users buzzing about how it made their lives easy in starting a blog in Joomla. We urge you to take advantage of the current EasyBlog 2.0 at $59 while the price still remains, for a limited time only.

Get EasyBlog Now


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It's a tough decision to move with the pricing, it isn't only tough for you guys, that been doing a wonderful job, but it's also, very, very tough for us too, some of which run sites out of own pocket without any single profit, but this was our decision so no much complain :P

The decision to name it 3.0 sounds perfect since the changes are really big.

I'm really proud user of your Blog, and i can't wait for version 3.0

Hey Pedro,

Thanks for understanding! We always try to sponsor non profit organizations as we want to return something back to the Joomla! community If you have an NGO / non profit organization, let us know and we'll sponsor a copy.

Yep, 3.0 is an ideal version and we are also looking forward to it

Thank you very much Jack, but i'm not sure if i would fit in an NGO, but i do appreciate the offer.

1 week for the first beta (if everything goes), starting to get excited, hehe ^^

Hmm since i'm here, going to ask, any news with the K2 integration? It's probably going to miss this release right? If so, i wonder if later i would have some support into migrating the articles so i could move on?

Hey Pedro,

Sure of course. Just log a ticket with us and we'll assist you with the migration

Cheers Jack!

Will make a ticket later today then.

Thanks again!

hi jack, what is the Renewal price for me after the Release Date of EasyBlog 3.0 and the new price structure??

Hey Rene,

There's no changes on the renewal pricing scheme. The only change on the pricing scheme is for the new community and professional version

One of the big (and best!) changes seems to be the unified editor. Can I/we assume you will have an upgrader to merge Intro & Content Text into the new unified Content field?

Hey Robert,

There's no need to migrate or upgrade actually as EasyBlog 3 will automatically place the contents for you based on your existing data

Thanks, Jack, that's brilliant. Congrats on a great product. I only bought it yesterday so I'm on the learning curve at the moment. Had been confused by the split between Intro/Content Text and was very pleased to read it would be unified in 3.0. Keep up the good work

Hey Robert,

Ah, I see! Yep, we definitely improvised on that

I love EasyBlog
No problem

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