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Template override for EasySocial plugins

Template override for EasySocial plugins

Let's kick start Monday with a quick tutorial of template overrides for the plugins in EasySocial.

​Just in case you don't already know, Joomla actually allows you to override the default theme for EasySocial's plugin with your Joomla template. So, for the general interest of everyone, we will use Docker plugin as an example here. 

Overview of template override for Docker plugin in EasySocial

To start off, you'll need get a copy theme files for Docker plugin located at /plugins/system/docker/themes/default.php and paste it in the new folder created at your Joomla template, eg, /templates/tz_kavin_ii/html/plg_system_docker/default.php along with your applied changes, and you're good to go. That way, you no longer have to worry about your charges get overwritten whenever the plugin has an update.

Before updating the plugin to its latest version, do remember to always check your plugin override theme. This is because the override theme could sometime break your site. 

For instance, prior to the plugin's latest update, there were 5 variables, however the variables ​were reduced to 4 in the latest version. Thus, making the usage of the removed variable undefined in the override theme.

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