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Making EasyBlog Custom Fields Stand Out

I assume every EasyBlog user should already know how to display custom fields on a blog post, if not, not to worry. This post will show you how to create custom fields in EasyBlog, the basic of custom field styling and making it stand out just a little. So, without further a do, let's get started.

Exploring Templates Hacks

Do you know that you can inspect a html element, pre-apply styling on your site or adding and removing html block without having to write it out in a file beforehand? Have you ever wanted to know what stylish font was used on a certain website? or th

Setting Up Advanced Search Global Filter

Advanced search in EasySocial is a powerful feature where it allow users to easily search almost everything, that includes their potential life partner. ;) 

How To: Utilize Custom Field Search Module

Custom Field in EasyBlog has been a useful feature for most of our customers since it was first introduced on May 21st, 2014. For those who are still wondering what custom field in EasyBlog does, it is actually a simple field that can be defined by the site administrator when creating a blog post. It consists of eight common fields such as: Checkbox, Date, Heading, Hyperlink, Radio Button, Dropdown, Textbox and Textarea.

Optimizing the delivery of Javascripts on Joomla

We have been working really hard with EasyBlog 5 and while we were optimizing the Javascript portion of EasyBlog 5, we have just realized that Joomla is not able to add gzip compression on most of the scripts which are included in our extension. This

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How to override Joomla language strings

Quite often, we receive requests about modifying language constants. Most of the time, users are unaware that modifying the language files directly is pretty pointless because when the extension get's updated, the changes will be reverted and it does

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